The Wolves Come In The Wind

by Duncan Jones

There are shadows moving swiftly in the wind
Seen come before and surely will again
A forever pack out hunting, moving in
And luck has not to do this night’s draw …
For these are keepers of the jungle’s law

There’s a howling come from far across the hills
And now only are the good ones standing still
Tonight the wind has brought the jungle’s will
And the cruel and vicious dare not stay to fight …
For it’s hard to see a shadow in the night

There are dragons flying high and calling down
To the howling and the feet upon the ground
And the summer storms have come from all around
And the dawn will see no selfish, see no vain …
For it’s hard to hear the footsteps in the rain

There are new eyes sitting silent in the grass
Who glance not upon the good as they run past
Waiting only for the takers ’til the last
As one by one have met their final hours …
For it’s hard to find a scent among the flowers

And some who’ve fled forever shall be banned
Doomed to run forever ‘cross the land
For the wolves come in the wind surely can
And the dragons standing calm will fold their wings
And enjoy the summer rain and pleasant things